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Monday, September 14, 2009

Circumcision and HIV: Yet another deception

The HIV argument is another deception to compound all the
deceptions that went before. MGM appears to reduce per-intercourse
F->M HIV transmission by about 60%. That's it. That's the sum total of
the "argument" being put forth to justify it. What is missing from this
argument, aside from the fact that the foreskin includes the primary
erogenous zone of the male body


and was specifically designed to desensitize the penis by rabbinical
scholars and quack medical doctors?


Clearly what is missing from the HIV argument is MGM's impact on
M->F transmission. There is compelling empirical and clinical
evidence that MGM increases M->F transmission rates by more than
enough to have a net effect of increasing overall transmission
rates. This is due to increased vaginal abrasion, which compromises
the very effective HIV barrier presented by intact vaginal epithelium.


The USA has the highest divorce rate, the highest HIV rate and the
second-highest MGM rate in the industrialized world. Is this a
coincidence? I doubt it.

Furthermore, it turns out that FGM has a similar effect on female
receptivity to HIV as MGM has on male receptivity.


This is probably indicative of the similarity of the tissue-type
and extent of loss caused by both types of atrocities.

Finally it should be pointed out that our so-called professional
medical organizations have a long history of such deceptive
pronouncements wrt MGM, which has been promoted as a "remedy" for
everything from masturbatory insanity to clubfoot to doctor-caused
problems like forcible foreskin retraction leading to phimosis and
UTI's. As each of these bogus arguments has fallen a new one is
found. This pattern can be readily seen to reflect their enormous
fear of being exposed for the child abusers and marriage wreckers
that they are.


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Cut vs Uncut

Cut vs Uncut

A Woman Speaks about Being Circumcised as a Woman

Circumcision Played on the air August 31

Even if you can't bear to watch it, just listen. Let this baby's cries speak to your soul. If you can not watch this circumcision be aware that that tells you something very important. It should NOT BE DONE. This baby and many, many other baby boys have experienced this brutality. If you can't watch it or listen to it, remember that the majority of men in our lives experienced this. His penis was being mutilated for no medical or logical reason, against his will, without his consent. This happens to him at the moment that the only thing he needed was to be in their mother's arms, at her breast.
"If you have been abused it is a hard thing for you to have a lot of compassion for yourself but if you can, think about the poor defenseless children who are going to come after you who could have a chance at happiness if you are able to face your own trauma. And face it realistically so we don't have to keep doing this. The reason we keep doing this is that we are trying to justify our pain." --Veronica Monet

Discussing the Canadian researcher who hooked up babies and monitored their brains while being circumcised to learn the tragic impact on babies, and who was forced to destroy the research, accused of inappropriate research on babies, Jody McLaughlin, Publisher, "Compleat Mother" told me (Janel): someone should hook up the people who are DOING the circumcision, the adult, the doctor, and see what their brains are doing. Better yet, she added, they could use that equipment they use to research erections and monitor their physiological, sexual response to mutilating a helpless baby. Brilliant, she is so brilliant. Any researchers want to take it on? Any adult doctors WILLING to mutilate baby boys for no good reason willing to be the subjects? Should we give them a choice? Should THEY have a choice while baby boys don't?

Leave the Cord and Placenta Intact -- Stop cutting!!

"Caution! because just where we least expect it, there are civilized barbarians, which we don't entrust our children." Listen to podcast of Lynn Reed about the many ways American doctors cut women and babies (boys and girls).

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Translation of Italian Video

Thank you, Francesca Geppert.

2. Early clumping stops abruptly natural placental transfusion, and into placenta remains from 30 to 50% of blood for the child.

3. Umbilical cord, after birth too, remainss an exchange channel between mother and child, bringing nourishment and oxygen to the newborn, removing its waste products,until his body will be not able to breathe effectively and to receive oxygen by langs and no more from ombilical arteries.

4. Umbilical cord and stem cells must be leave to the owner!!!!

5.If umbilical cord has cutted before timely, baby will be founded, suddenly, without oxygen and he will live a distressing experience of suffocation ( with the risk of brain damage by anoxia).

6. Reflection is that baby will be forced to inhale much air that, in contact with his mucosal, will causes a terrible burning, like a scalding.

7. late cut of ombilical cord or no cut is the physiological process

8. Immediate cut (early) is an invasive procedure which must be justified; in natural childbirth isn't justified. (O.M.S. Health organization world) - 1985

9. These recommendations of O.M.S even if, are entered in Midwifery story like "Scientific evidence" are not accept and apply in departments of obstetrics

10. Caution! because just where we least expect it, there are civilized barbarians, which we don't entrust our children.

11. There's no need to cut ombilical cord

12. Most simple thing to do is NOT TO DO
Finally they suggest the natural detachment of ombilical cord.

I made my best to give you a good translation, could you forgive me if it will result not perfect.

God bless you

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